Analysis Of Breaking Trail A Climbing Life By Arlene Blum

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The Life of a Climber “The top! We made it! The six of us cheered and hugged we were the first team of women to reach the summit of Denali the highest mountain in North America (Blum 117),” There were many risky trials and challenges in Arlene Blum’s life, which had consequences. In the biography, Breaking Trail a Climbing Life by Arlene Blum it shows a clear picture of the risks she took and the consequences from her risks. The risks Arlene Blum took throughout her life was in gaining more education, the extreme mountaineering, and the women rights she fought for. Arlene took many risks regarding her education, defying many obstacles as women. Arlene was outraged and quoted in the book Breaking Trail. “Rage of being left out of the fumarole …show more content…

Arlene Blum spoke of her many adventures and risky decisions when climbing, in her book. “I had no choice, but to glissade down the mountain (Blume 10).” At this time in Arlene’s career as a novice climber it was not smart to take the chance of doing such a dangerous act. She later paid for this action in the infirmary, which proved this was not the most intelligent decisions. Furthermore, she explains the hazard of altitude sickness in Breaking Trail a Climbing Life. “When climbing at high altitudes there is a chance of high altitude sickness, which can lead to dizziness, headaches, and numerous more problems (Blum 65).” Every time Arlene went mountaineering she was putting herself in these hazardous scenarios, but this is her passion. She has seen many of her companions experience this, but thankfully rarely experienced the affects. In addition Arlene Blum quotes in clear detail of the trials regarding heath issues in a part of the book Breaking Trail. “I felt so wretched that I didn’t care that I wasn’t climbing, something was very wrong (Blum 129).” Health issues on mountains are unpredictable, and it is a gamble that Arlene Blum takes each time she goes mountaineering. Her desire to climb mountains showed that there could be both good and bad outcomes. Overall, there were many risks that Arlene Blum took in her climbing career, which lead to benefits and

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