Everyday Use Symbolism

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In “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker, the theme, the meaning of heritage and how it is remembered, is established through the symbolism of the quilts. The author uses symbolism to imply the true meaning of heritage and how it is remembered is shown through the creation of the quilts as shown in the text, “In both of them were scraps of dresses Grandma Dee had worn...pieces of grandpa Jarrell's Paisley shorts. and one teeny faded blue piece… that was from great grandpa Ezar’s uniform that he wore in the Civil War,” (Walker 139). The quilt that was made of the objects listed above that symbolized the different generation of family being stitched together through Grandma, Big Dee, and Mama’s hands a person from each generation stitching the family together. This shows the bonding of the …show more content…

As the story entails, Dee never really wanted the quilts for more than a decoration. When Dee is offered the quilts before she is grown and matured and looking for her memorabilia of her family, she turns down the quilts.Seeing as Dee wanted nothing of the family’s memorabilia, Mama promised Maggie, the youngest and sweetest daughter, she could have them. These quilts are apart of their family and according to mama should be used everyday rather than a display which Dee intends to use them as. Mama and Maggie always shadowed Dee, for she was smart enough to go to college and get a good education. Dee always stood higher than her family, her town, her community, which made her mother and sister learn to roll with her punches. Finally, Mama says no to Dee, she takes a stand and we see the courage that the heritage and family behind mama help her take a stand and protect the family quilts for Maggie.In the end Alice Walker, author of “Everyday Use,” signifies the meaning of heritage and how it is remembered through symbolism, specifically through the making of the quilts and the courage that it brings to the

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