Examples Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Whether a citizen wills to gain power or keep their power, accusing citizens of witch craft seemed to be the way to achieve power. Ultimate power and the ability to send anyone to their death becomes the same thing in Salem. Constantly the people in Salem struggle for power. Mr. Danforth, the judge in Salem has the characteristic of being power hungry, He maintains his power by sending people to death row. The Salem Witch trials are the response to power hungry individuals. Judge Danforth becomes furious when he realize that people are afraid of the court and may times emphasizes the point that innocent people should not be afraid of the court; however, if accused the less powerful will be whipped if they confess to witch craft and hanged if they don’t. The powerful …show more content…

Although Salem did not have a problem with advancement in technology in the seventh century, the younger generation yearned for the concept of power. Abigail Williams exemplifies the type of character that would do anything in order to gain power. Viewed by most as innocent, Abigail Williams became sick and tired with her lack of say, respect, and power in Salem. Abigail Williams lashed out as much as possible, even participating in an affair with John Procter. The little things Abigail took place in allowed Abigail to gain attention by people such as Reverend Parris, John Proctor and Judge Danforth. Abigail Williams observed the power of these Men and decided that in any way she could to develop the attention and consideration equal to these individuals. Abigail was presented with the opportunity, when the paranoia about spirits began to arise. Abigail Williams began to accuse several women of being witch at one point she got carried away and seven confessed to seeing the devil herself. Abigail stated in the book, “I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of

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