Examples Of Allegory In Fahrenheit 451

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“Life is like being chained up in a cave”.(Alex Gendler) The novel, Fahrenheit 451, definitely compares to the film, Plato’s allegory. Everything from the truths to the differences reflects in both the novel and the allegory. There were many things that were very similar between the two, that were in fact startling and shocking. Throughout this essay, similarities of the two, will be discussed, and most importantly prove how the different aspects of the novel relates to the allegory. The novel, Fahrenheit 451, is surrounded by the main character, “Montag”, who is trying to see the world for what it really is, as it relates to the cave dwellers in the allegory. In the beginning of the novel, it shows how Montag is blinded by the world, considering the fact that he is a “firemen”. Firemen are portrayed as being destroyers of the world by some in the novel. This also relates to the allegory, in which the cave dwellers are also blinded because of the limited access to the outside world. In other words, they’re derived from what the world is really like. Therefore, this obviously justifies the main comparison in both…show more content…
Throughout this essay, I have shared a lot about both the novels, mainly their similarities. Every example that I mention shows everything that relates to both of the stories. As a result, I can now understand and go deeper into analyzing the importance of similarities between two subjects. All of those examples support the valid point, that both the novel and the allegory are similar. Many people don’t realize the importance of comparing things and we as a collective society are continuing to dwindle on the outcome of what two subjects are saying. I considered both subjects and made an inference based on the facts, which made me find similarities between the two. Thinking is a way that came about in both subjects. Let's start comparing, and make both subjects seem
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