Examples Of Archetype In The Odyssey

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Archetype Essay An archetype is the original pattern which are repeated over time. Two major archetypes are Character and Situational. The Character Archetype I chose was the White Goddess. The White Goddess is a good, beautiful maiden who is usually blonde. The White goddess is often very religious or intellectual values and may make an ideal marriage partner. An example of an ancient archetype that fits with this archetype is Penelope from The Odyssey. An example of a modern archetype I chose that fits with this archetype is Belle from the Disney film The Beauty and the Beast. The Odyssey is written by Homer and is split into 24 books. The Epic Poem takes place after the Trojan War, telling the journey of Odysseus’s struggle to return…show more content…
The narration was told through stain glass windows, beginning the story with a French Prince named Adam who has a lack of empathy and his judgement of appearance towards others. After denying an old beggar woman for shelter on a cold night, he finds out that the woman is actually an Enchantress and turns him into a beast. The only way the curse can be broken is if the Beast receives love in return along with him learning to love before time is up. The time is dictated by a rose that the old beggar woman offered the Beast. One of the main character’s Belle offers to take her father’s place as being a prisoner when her father Maurice is caught trespassing. Belle viewed the Beast as just a monster but over-time, Belle changes him for the better and falls in love with him, appearance and all (“Beauty and the Beast (1991) - Plot Summary”). Belle is the perfect modern representation White Goddess Archetype. Belle is very intelligent and is misunderstood. She is not like other girls her age who fawned over Gaston. Belle showed her intelligence reading books and always craving to learn more. Belle showed loyalty to her father by choosing to take his place as prisoner to the Beast. Belle loved and cared about her father and did not want to see him get
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