Examples Of Archetypes In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Good and evil isn’t anything new in our present generation, The Victorian Era is no exception. In Robert Louis Stevenson’s mystery novella, Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde, archetypes are to depict good and evil. The Author uses nature to set the mood.. Mr. Utterson was walking to Jekyll’s House [on] a fine dry night with frost in the air. The frost and dryness of the air is an archetype on death. The air also helps set the mood along with the eerie and clenching feeling people get when around Mr. Hyde. The lighting and looks is an archetype to show mystery and the thick air. Mr. Utterson is passing by the ‘Blackmail House when’ “...by all lights and at all hours of solitude or concourse”(Stevenson 11). The lights and feeling it gives off helps

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