Examples Of Comitatus In Beowulf

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Rory Martin Mr. Arnold English 4, A period 9 September, 2015 Comitatus in Beowulf With in Beowulf the comitatus was not like any other viking or norse hierarchy. When Beowulf is struck down and killed by the mighty dragon his comitatus should have gone to the son, like any viking or norse kingdom would but seeing as he did not have any children let alone a son he passed on his throne of power onto his most trusted and bravest warrior Wiglaf. For in Beowulf's final moments before his death he passed on all that he had to Wiglaf because he come to and deffened the aged heroic king know to all by Beowulf. Beowulf gave Wiglaf all of his rings and gold during his giving of riches of power for none of his other brave and cowardly warrior

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