Examples Of Crooks Alienation In Of Mice And Men

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Crooks Crooked Life: Alienation, Prejudgement and loneliness

Everyone has been alienated before, even if it wasn’t their fault. Everyone has also been prejudged due to natural human behavior. At some point in someone's life they’ve also felt lonely too. Crooks is one of the loneliest characters in John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men due to the fact he is prejudged throughout the book as well as the fact he is alienated by many of the other characters in the book. Though many characters face alienation, prejudgement and loneliness crooks by far has it the worst. Crooks is a colored man working as a stable buck, he lives in a small shed that leaned off the side of the barn which was the harness room.

Steinbeck describes where Crooks lives

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