How Does Steinbeck Present Crooks In Of Mice And Men

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Many characters Of Mice and Men are either isolated or alone. The three characters I chose were Crook, Curley, and Curley’s Wife. Crook is a African American stable buck. Curley is a Lightweight boxer. Curley’s wife is a pretty women. I chose these people because they are either lonely or isolated. Crook is an African American stable buck who was kicked in the back by a horse and gave him a crooked back. They only mentioned crooks name a few times until chapter 3. Crooks is isolated in this story because he has a lot of items on the ranch. One of the items that tells us he's the oldest is because Crooks has a WW2 Right Book. Crooks is isolated because he’s a black man that has a crooked back and that doesn’t have that much rights so he will spend most of his time in the bunkhouse reading books. Steinbeck used crooks in this story because so they can show that African Americans are lonely. …show more content…

Curley was mentioned in Chapter 2. Curley is always trying to pick fights with anyone because he wants to be the tough guy. Curley picked a fight with lennie and he threw a punch at lennie and he caught his hand and squeezed it as hard as he can, and curley was out for boxing because lennie messed up his hand bad. They made a lie to the boss about curley saying that he got his hand caught in the machine so lennie won’t get in trouble. Steinbeck uses Curley in this story because so they can show not to pick on people that u dont

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