Outcast In Of Mice And Men

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In the Novel Of Mice and Men, there are many characters, all though not all fit in. In this book
Lennie’s Mentally ill and he can’t communicate like the adult he is, Crooks is a black crippled men, and Curley’s wife is the wife of the boss is son. Lennie, Crooks, and Curley’s wife are outcast in the book “Of Mice and Men.”

Lennies is an outcast in the book “Of Mice and Men,” first of all Lennie’s mentally ill and he is a social outcast. Lennie’s mental illness makes it hard for him to communicate with others except for his friend George, Lennie would do anything that George tells him to do (42). Secondly Lennie spends most of his time in the barn playing with the animals, he doesn’t like hanging out with the other guys at the Bunkhouse. Lennie enjoys playing with animals because he likes touching the soft fur (90). Lastly, when the most of the guys went to town, Lennie was among the four people who stayed at the Bunkhouse, Lennie only had one friend George, and George had went to town so he was lonely and made a new friend Crooks. …show more content…

adding to that, Crooks didn't have any friends.Moreover, Crooks had no friends, no one to play with, Crooks did his work around the farm and once he was finished he would go back into his room, racism was towards him since he was the only black person at the Bunk. In addition, Lennie and Crooks become friends, when most of the guys were out to town, Lennie went into crooks is room uninvited, Crooks thought about kicking him out but the didn’t because he hadn't had any company for a long time now(). Crooks is lonely and he is the only black men at the Bunkhouse he is totally an

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