Analysis Of Crooks In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Of Mice and Men- Crooks So that feeling of loneliness , the feeling that there’s no one to listen, the feeling that remains untouched. Today in Of Mice and Men by john steinback; this feeling is potraid mostly on crook that stable buck. Stienback wrote a touching novel called of mice and men that takes place in the late 30’s. In this novel the two main character, george and lennie desire the “american dream”. During the process of george and lennie’s journey they go through tough times, trying to succeed. Along the way, lennie meets a men named crook, steinback uses crook to show the discrimination around that time period. Crook is lonely because he has no one but himself. Around the ranch crook wants to feel superior; but instead he’s treated as a subordinate. …show more content…

Om page 68 crook is having a conversation with lennie when he states “cause im black. They play cards in there, but i cant play cause im black.” even crook knows that there is a huge line that seperates races, and hes mad that its like that. Then again on page 66, its the introduction to the chapter about crook. “Crooks, the negro stable buck, had his bunk in the harnessroom; a little shed that leaned of the wall of the barn.” From this qoute crook is automatically labled for his color , and the author made that clear. Plus they seperate crook from the rest: he has the same items and more just lower quality than they guys. Crook is held back from many things just because of his color. In the beginning of the novel they refer to crook as the negro stable buck rather than his own

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