How Does Crooks Destroy Your Quality Of Life

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Leo Dolliver Bastow English 11 13 March 2023 Loneliness Can Destroy Your Quality of Life Crooks is described as a lonely man in this novella. He gets excluded from most things. He has to stay in a room by himself. He surrounds himself with possessions in his room to fill the gap of loneliness he feels. All of this is simply because he is a black man. Crooks finds this exclusion especially unfair because where he's from there weren't slaves. He gets treated horribly by these people but yet he still wants them to accept him as they would the other white people. Crooks often masks his words with distaste but he does enjoy any kind of company he can get. Overall Crooks is driven by loneliness. Lennie sees the light in Crook's room and is attracted by it. He goes in there unknowing it's Crook's room and Crooks …show more content…

So because of this, he doesn't understand why Crooks is not included in things such as cards. When Crooks gets prompted with this he talks in an irritated tone "they play cards in there, but I can't because I'm black, they say I stink. " (68). Though Crooks often conceals his words with anger when he's actually not in this statement his anger shows through because it really does upset him that he doesn't get to be included in such things. When Candy ends up joining Crooks and Lennie in Crook's' room, George and Lennies dream that Candy joined gets brought up. This sparks Crook's' interest. He says he could help out there for free if he can just have a place to stay there. The other men come back from town and George ends up finding Lennie and Candy in Crook's room and tells them to get out of there. Before Candy can leave Crooks calls for him and he says " I didn't mean it, jus foolin." (83). Candy doesn't think much of it. For Crooks reality hit and even though he doesn't want to be lonely he can't go join the farm

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