Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” is known for having a lot of cheating people, even if it’s cheating in a golf game or cheating on a person. One of the many characters that is a cheater is Tom Buchanan. Tom is married to a lady that goes by the name of Daisy and has a lover named Myrtle. He is also known for moving around a lot and having plenty of money to do so. Tom in “The Great Gatsby” is careless and racist. Tom is married to Daisy, but is also having an affair with Myrtle. Myrtle lives in the city he has a apartment for them, so that way when he comes to the city they have somewhere to go. Tom seems to be very abusive to Myrtle, due to the fact that she won’t leave him alone about Daisy and it makes him really mad. Also he makes

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