Examples Of Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Dehumanization is like a bloodsucking leech it can suck the moral life out of its victims and feed the ego of its perpetrators. But will the bloodsucker become too stuffed and its own demoralizing poison seep out on itself? Or will the helpless victims only suffer and the perpetrators prevail? During the Holocaust, Jews and other scapegoats suffered under the parasitic rule of the Nazis, where all their human rights were sucked up for the Nazi’s benefit. In their works of authentic genius Schindler’s List and Night, Steven Spielberg and Elie Wiesel demonstrate this tragedy in a clear and unadulterated way. Dehumanization is a deadly parasite: that eats away at its victim and internally poisons its perpetrators by taking away necessary human …show more content…

The observation of Jewish religion is a routinely act that is fixed into Jewish law. During countless events in the book, Night, Jews lost their religious faith. For example in Night, a devout man named Akiba Drumer truly believed in God. He thought God was testing the Jews however as time went on his faith deteriorated and it cost him his life. Throughout history the Jews have been persecuted, slaughtered, and tormented for their religious beliefs. From the Roman Army destroying Jerusalem to Hitler mass murdering almost 6 millions Jews, its a safe assumption that Judaism is an oppressed religion. Even in today’s society anti-semitism is still on a rise. Yet in spite of all this condemnation the Jews have preserved. But does a person’s faith have a cap on it? In the face of your own destruction the task of holding on to your belief in goodness is a constant struggle. Even though many Jews failed this task some manage to endure this brutal test of spiritual strength. Some Jews were able to hold onto their faith in spite of their tremendous struggles mentally and physically due to their persistent faith in God. This important connection between the Lord and themselves meant life and death for a lot of Jewish people because where there is faith there is hope and in hope we can all find salvation and

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