Examples Of Dishonesty In Romeo And Juliet

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The famously tragic death of the young star-crossed lovers known as Romeo and Juliet introduced in the Shakespeare play portrays the consequences of a flawed society. This story shows the tragic outcome of our mistakes as well as the sacrifice it takes to overcome them as the death of the young lovers is the result of the deep-rooted greed and selfishness in society. Only with their death came peace and the relationship between the two rival families mended. First of all, the anger and hatred both the Capulet and Montague families hold for each other interfere with the relationship held with their children. This rivalry is what pushes them to take their fate into their own hands knowing the disapproval they would face if they were to be found …show more content…

Friar Lawrence’s character represents perfectly how dishonesty is present in our society. Friar Lawrence who is supposedly a priest tasked to share the word of God and offer guidance is shown to have displaced priorities and morals. Notably, when Romeo comes to him to request marriage (Act 2 scene 3), Initially he refuses, knowing that marrying the two in secret is not the best decision until the idea that it might end up mending the relationship between the two families is presented. Friar is not marrying the two out of love, his decision to marry the two knowing they can't take it back as well as their families history is decided on his hopes to mend their family feud. As a result his decision is made because he hopes to gain something out of they’re union. This is a perfect example of him using his position of power to his own advantage while misguiding the young couple. Not only does Friar Lawrence continue to try to desperately cover up his mistakes, but also refuses to take accountability for the outcome of it all. Once Romeo gets cast out from Verona and Juliet’s marriage to Paris is announced, Friar Lawrence starts to sense the walls closing in on him. In an attempt to once again hide the truth to protect his reputation, he makes up a dangerous plan to fake Juliet’s death to fool her family while sending word from Romeo to come find her. Additionally, in (act 4, scene 1) we see the desperateness in Juliet who is willing to do anything including taking her life and the influence Friar has over

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