Examples Of Disillusionment In The Great Gatsby

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Many people have dreams since they are little kids, for some people they work their whole life to achieve it while others did not have enough motivation and their wishes dissolve. Dreams and aspirations don’t always stay the same and can change many times as days go by. When people don’t achieve their goals that is called disillusionment, and it is an awful feeling when you already had it pictured. Disillusionment plays a big part in the American Dream because it does not always work out for everyone. These thoughts from the early 20th century are true because disillusionment happens a lot to those who expect things to just happen. The three elements of Modernism are questioning the American Dream, disillusionment, and experimentation with new symbols. Disillusionment makes people feel wistfulness for not being able to achieve their dreams. In chapter eight of “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby was waiting outside of the Buchanan’s home …show more content…

In chapter eight, of “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick was trying to encourage Gatsby to leave everything behind and start all over somewhere else. Nick states, “He was clutching at some last hope and I couldn’t bear to shake him free,”(Fitzgerald 155). This shows disillusionment because Nick is hoping that Gatsby would leave for the better and at the same time Gatsby wants to wait for Daisy to leave with him which might never happen. Nick predicts that Gatsby will stop thinking about Daisy for once and think about himself. In reality, Gatsby can’t do that because he has been in love with Daisy for about five years. Meanwhile, Gatsby is expecting Daisy to leave with him and although she wants to she knows she cannot simply leave her husband Tom. Fitzgerald is trying to show us that falling in love can lead to harsh endings as Gatsby has not gotten over the one he loves after five

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