The Past In The Great Gatsby

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In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the past comes up quite a bit for a few of the characters and Fitzgerald shows how the past affects each of the characters. Each character in the book has their own unique characteristics that create who they are. In this book it is explained what happened in Gatsby’s past and how he was able to become the successful person that he now. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald shows us how Gatsby keeps looking back at his past, especially when Daisy is involved she is everything to him and the biggest reason that he wants what he had in the past to come back. Successful futures cannot be justified by the unethical actions of the past. In chapter 6, Gatsby tells us the truth about his past how he changed his last name and worked for a man who left Gatsby with some of his money when he died but, Ella Kaye stole it. He worked with Dan Cody and started to realize his obsession with being wealthy. He wanted to become wealthy himself one day. As Gatsby goes through his life, …show more content…

Throughout the book Gatsby uses his actions and events that happened in the past to either bring it back or move on from it. His love for Daisy started in the past, and it is so strong that he wants to bring back what they had and not leave it. Nick takes us through his story as he learns more about this character who, for everyone else in the book, is a mystery and no one really knows where he came from and what his past really was. The way he started off getting his money doing illegal actions was not exactly the right thing. When Daisy leaves Gatsby for Tom he is devastated because Daisy was everything to him and he wanted to recreate what they had in the past. Due to the evidence provided above that is why even though Gatsby obtained the wealth that he wanted it was through unethical means it did not help with his biggest goal of winning Daisy’s love

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