How Is Gatsby Selfish

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The Great Gatsby
Nick Carraway seems like a genuine nice gentleman. Nick sees Gatsby as an inspiration and a good guy, but Gatsby is not the guy he claims to be. He is more mysterious and as if he is hiding something. As the story progresses, we meet Tom Buchanan who I am not very fond of. He is very rude, snobby, and aggressive. He acts and believes that he deserves nothing but the best. Tom also isn’t a good husband or man to Daisy. It is mentioned that Tom takes Nick to his lovers house, which is where we meet Myrtle. Neither Myrtle and Tom are happy with who they are with and have been cheating on their spouses. Tom, Daisy, and Myrtle obviously do not want to be with their spouses, so why are they together with them and not with the people they want to be with? At the end of the second chapter it is said that Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose after she keeps repeatedly saying Daisy’s name. A man should never touch a girl in a physical …show more content…

Gatsby was becoming desperate to make Nick happy so he’d agree to the plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Gatsby was setting himself up for failure by becoming so desperate to see Daisy again. Also, Gatsby is bribing Nick into becoming his friend rather than really developing a relationship with Nick. For example, Gatsby offers to have someone cut Nick 's grass and offers Nick to join him in some business he does on the side. Gatsby was over reacting to inviting Daisy over. He was stressing himself out and telling himself that things would never be the same as they were. Gatsby was trying to show off to Daisy when he showed her all of his most valuable possessions. The only way Gatsby could win Daisy over was showing her how rich he was. Daisy and Gatsby still have feelings for each other but don 't know how their romance is going to continue because Daisy is married to Tom. I was glad that Gatsby and Daisy got a chance to reunite but I am uncertain if their love for each other will ever be the same as it was before Gatsby left

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