Nick Carraway A Dynamic Character In The Great Gatsby

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Great Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby written by Scott F. Fitzgerald a fiction book written about the 1920s during the era of Jazz, prohibition and bootlegging. The Great Gatsby had many important characters that played a big role in the plot. Many of the characters did not change throughout the novel like Gatsby never changed and was very static throughout the novel but others were very dynamic and changed throughout the novel in many ways. NIck Carraway is the narrator of the story but is also the main character in his story.I believe NIck Carraway is a very dynamic character in the Great Gatsby because he went from being outside the plot to being right in the middle of it, he also changed his lifestyle throughout the novel, his opinions of the other characters also changed. t t t t t t t t t t t t t t …show more content…

At the beginning the plot was more of who was Gatsby and Tom Buchanan having an affair on Daisy. Nick then got invited to Gatsby's for one his amazing parties. Gatsby tells Jordan Baker to ask a favor of him that gets him involved in the plot. This favor is “ If you'll invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over”(Fitzgerald 76). This quote from the book shows how Nick Carraway got put into the plot of The Great Gatsby by inviting Daisy to his house so Gatsby can see her. Another instance of Nick Carraway getting introduced to plot is when Gatsby invites Nick to Daisy's when she was supposed to tell Tom he does not love him but she loves Gatsby. “He was calling on Daisy's request ---- would i come to lunch at her house tomorrow” (Fitzgerald 104). This quote shows when Nick gets introduced to the plot of Tom vs.

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