Examples Of Double Consciousness In African American Culture

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Double consciousness and fugitivity arose within the African American culture as they addressed distinct aspects that African American people experience. Double Consciousness explores the psychological warfare code-switching may have on an African American person. Having to balance the division between being black and American, this internal struggle aligns with fugitivity as one constantly resists and challenges the oppressive systems attempting to control their life. Growing up black in America, one is frequently in a mode of survival and forced strength due to the hundred years of oppression engrained in society and one's mind. Fugitivity challenges these notions of survival and promotes a sense of liberation to live as one's true self instead of the " safe " version. Using these concepts and deciphering their similarities, we can better understand how African Americans …show more content…

A long history of oppression has forced African Americans to learn to live with such prejudice because they are expected to fit stereotypes. Early on, they are taught how their treatment will be based on the color of their skin, thus internalizing oppression before they are fully aware of how it will affect them. As double consciousness infers, the divided awareness Black Americans experience can subconsciously reinforce negative stereotypes. One may act unauthentically for social approval to fit into society's agenda. However, identity fragments can disappear by doing this, leaving individuals confused about themselves and their sense of purpose. In contrast to fugitivity, African Americans can dismantle oppression and demand honor and respect. In a sense, the comparative struggle between double consciousness and fugitivity reveals the want for self-definition and the importance of achieving true liberation within a society that continues to look down upon the

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