Examples Of Dystopia In 1984 By George Orwell

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“The brilliance of George Orwell’s decision to invert the last two digits of 1948 (the year he was completing 1984) is that it gave his readers a point to watch for in their own time”(Rosenblatt R). The future world creates by George Orwell, now for us it is the world from the past. But what is that really? In nowadays government can control everything with the help of internet. People “invest” themselves and their thinks on the web sites. In the ‘1984’ George Orwell, compare the government with the ‘Big Brother’.

For nowadays it is sounds pessimistic. People more interesting in dystopia because it is more realistic, than utopian dreams which never happen. Orwell predictions about our future come true. The Nineteen Eighty Four shows readers
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