The Dystopian Language In George Orwell's 1984

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Nineteen eighty-four is a highly constructed dramatic experience which effectively delineates totalitarianism and controlling governments within Oceania, revealed through its respectable language. The language used by Orwell critics how the dystopian land of Oceania was during the time of the cold war. Within the last paragraph of 1984, Orwell effectively depicts the dystopian world of Oceania and shows that through the extreme control of human nature by using INGSOC’s, the representation of big brother and the act of dehumanisation, portraying that the government is purely a one sided and controlling government. Through Orwell 's use of techniques, he prompts the reader to question the ideals totalitarianism and government control. Thus, the audience is informed that the totalitarian government has a vast amount of capabilities, that can be used ultimately to control the minds of individuals in 1984. Orwell wrote the Juvenalian satire, 1984 in the year 1948, as during the time period the world was recovering from the effects of war. INGSOC was the political philosophy adopted when the socialist party began to rule, the use of language was a common pathway for a government to manipulatively control their people. Newspeak, aims to eliminate any thought opposed to the party, which was an allegory of the ways in which World War leaders attempted to manipulate their people. Newspeak establishes all the knowledge, meanings and values and ultimately uses it to manipulate the

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