Examples Of Dystopian In Fahrenheit 451

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Have you ever had a tough societal question that you knew the answer to but didn’t know how to execute or what the repercussions would be? Dystopian societies are answers to problems and show what could happen. The problem with dystopian societies is that words are absolutely terrible. In the Chrysalids the government tried to make everyone equal by sending everyone who was different to die or kill them on the spot. In Fahrenheit 451 the government censor everything and the people know nothing but what the government’s perfect little world is. In wall-e Humans are sent into space and brainwashed by the technology in a post pollution world. Filmmakers and authors use their different resources to convey their story. Ray Bradbury,John Wyndham, and Andrew Stanton will convey their stories and their worries of the world in the future. Fahrenheit 451 …show more content…

The Fireman's job is instead of stopping fires firemen start them. This also shows how Ray Bradbury used irony to emphasize the effect of the firemen. Firemen set fires to the books that hold all the knowledge that the government can’t control. This is a problem because then A government can control everything a person knows and think. One way this correlates with the totalitarian state of north korea and what the citizens really know. One Portrance of this is the Korean war and why the North koreans refute americans because the people think we started the war and that only the kim family can protect them even tho the kim family invaded the south first. The government also teach their kids to draw anti american martial images. So the way that the fireman burn the books of past knowledge the Koreans make their citizens believe the kims are in right because of the mass propaganda. This is how the government keeps their citizens only knowing what the government allows the people to

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