Examples Of Egalitarnism

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Without egalitarnism liberty is nonexistent. Egalitarnism, better understood as equality, provides individuals with the opportunities to compete fairly in any socioeconomic system. During the twentieth century, many philosophers studied, opposed or supported, the validity of this claim. Four of the most notable philosophers who studied this validity were John Mill, John Rawls, Michael Walzer, and Robert Nozick. Robert Nozick and John Mill’s studies focused on harm principle and the entitlement theory whereas, Michael Walzer and John Rawls emphasized the importance of upholding equality in nation states.
Nozick and Mill’s claims of liberty over equality are idiotic because of their support of minimal governments. According to the Nozick, a minimal state is critical for a just society because it …show more content…

Liberty can not exist without proper socioeconomic equalities given to individuals. For example, when looking at American slavery and the current strife of Black Americans, their socioeconomic imprisonment is obvious. Historically, America does not value the lives of Blacks; compared to their White counterparts. The disvalue, belittlement, and hatred of Blacks has created a political, social, and economic society of inequalities for them. Due to these discrepancies, many Blacks are shackled, bounded, and chained to the notion of Black pathology. Black pathology is understood as the widely held belief that Black people have weak morals, hate education, love crime, and are economically lazy. Although the physical aspect of American slavery was removed from law in 1863, its mental and emotional entity still remains problematic for Blacks. Consequently, this example is used to vividly illustrate how Blacks are still not free today. Their liberty stolen, looted, and embezzled. In order for Blacks to be truly freed, they need to be seen as equal; otherwise they, and people alike, are slaves to the socioeconomic society that makes them

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