Examples Of Equality In The Great Gatsby

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Equality, Then and Now Authors in the 19th century were writing about the same problems that we have today.Instead of using just one book for this paper, I have decided to use multiple to help research a broader topic of inequality in all cases: Sex, race, wealth, and the work environment. A Raisin in The Sun shows prejudice against certain races. The Great Gatsby shows the true difference between different social class, and humans ability to use others misfortune to their own advantages. Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men show us how easily it is to use others because they are handicapped, and there is one scene that shows inequality among everyone. These problems are still relevant, examples being the black lives matter movement, feminism, and …show more content…

Tom hates the dog, just like he hates the fact that he is having an affair and he has to hid it. Many people think the dog could be a final tie between Myrtle and Tom, but others think it represents the tie between Myrtle's death and Tom getting Gatsby killed because of it. Another example would be Gatsby's entire life in the book. He is a millionaire playboy who used his wealth to make up for lost time and cover up crimes he committed. Gatsby worked with Wolfsheim and sold booze illegally and that is how he got rich. He most likely paid the local officials to look the other way while he did this, and when he was rich enough he would have parties that had booze in them. In his younger life, he tried to date Daisy but ended up going into the military. When he finally got back, Daisy was already with Tom and he couldn't do anything about it except move near her. He uses his liquor money to buy the mansion, have extremely large parties and payed for the date with Daisy in Nick's house. Gatsby was able to make all these happen because he got his money from the poor through his liquor stores. The only reason Daisy is interested in him later in life was because of his huge parties, he was rich, and he actually loved her, unlike Tom who was having an affair. The only people who actually loved someone were poor, or had illegally gotten their money. They also …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald wrote many books during his short life, only 44 years. He was born into a very wealthy family. He was the pride and joy of both of his parents, but especially his mother. 1n 1913, he finished high school and joined college, and devoted himself to writing, only to drop out and join the army four years later. He was stationed in Alabama where he met his first wife, Zelda. Fitzgerald went into lucrative advertising in order to sway her to marry him, but quit after just a few months and went back to writing. After many years of drinking and moving around, Zelda was moved into a mental hospital and Fitzgerald died of a heart attack at the age of 44. (biography.com) Fitzgerald wrote many books on things that had happened in his life, and many of his books were adaptations of his own

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