Examples Of Flaws In The Great Gatsby

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In this imperfect world, everyone has flaws whether we overlook them or not is up to us. I am certain it is not possible to overlook someone’s flaws because people do not change, their actions could hurt others, and overtime it may become something harder to overlook. People do not try to change their flaws even if it is below people’s morals. Authors are aware of this real-life fact and write characters with flaws that do not change. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, wrote Tom whose flaws are being a cheater and abusive person. Tom Buchanan’s abusive behavior towards his lovers in the book is something that should never be overlooked. One could overlook the cheating due to being blind in love and money, but abuse is crossing the line of morality. Even though everyone knew about his behavior, he never tried to change and continued to hurt them. It is not possible to overlook his physical abusive behavior even if he is a wealthy man. …show more content…

Parents are supposed to love their children no matter what they do, unless it is something that harms other people, and not loving them is a big flaw. Many people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, have parents who do not support them. It mostly starts with words, but words could be the most powerful tool to destroy or help people, and their parents chose to hurt them. Even though the parents are the ones who support them financially, the emotional abuse makes it hard to overlook their hurtful words. At the end many leave home and never look back, no matter how much they love their parents or

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