Examples Of Foreshadowing In Macbeth

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Furthermore, now that Lady Macbeth is aware of Macbeth’s possible promotion, she decides to take matters into her own hands and kill the king. As she begins to articulate a plan on how she and her husband will execute this murder, she foreshadows the eventual death of King Duncan. For example, after discovering that King Duncan will be visiting the Macbeth estate, Inverness, Lady Macbeth has decided to put her plan into action and kill the King that night. She exclaims to Macbeth, “O never/ Shall sun that morrow see!” (I.VI. 59 - 60). By this, Lady Macbeth is saying that once King Duncan enters the Macbeth estate, he will never step out again as he will be dead before the Sun rises. At this point of the play, the audience is fully aware of Lady Macbeth’s ambitious and ruthless behavior by the way she speaks, and therefore has cemented the death of the King in their mind. …show more content…

By foreshadowing the death of King Duncam, Shakespeare has left the audience expecting his death, but faced only with the burden of mystery on how or when King Duncan will be killed. As well as, what will happen to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, and if they are capable of keeping their mask on in the duration of the play to deceive their country.’ Moving on, after the long and hard journey of trying to take the crown of Scotland, Lady Macbeth has reached her breaking point and is beginning to expose herself through her speech. To explain, after her and Macbeth have committed multiple murders, Lady Macbeth has succumbed to the weight of her guilt and paranoia of getting caught. Her mask is slowly falling, and towards the end of the play, her mind has become so unstable to the point where medical help is called for. While playing into one of her hallucinations, Lady Macbeth confesses, “Here’s the smell of the blood still. All / the

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