The Murder Of King Duncan In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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The play starts off with a trio of witches and transitions to a military camp, where Scottish King Duncan hears of the news that his generals, Macbeth and banquo, have defeated two separate invading armies from Ireland led by rebel from Macdonwald and one other army from Norway. As they were crossing a moor following their battle, Macbeth and Banquo encounter the witches. The witches notify Macbeth that he will be made thane, a rank of Scottish nobility, of Cawdor then eventually the King of Scotland. Banquo, though, could never be king himself. When the Witches left, the two were skeptical until some of the King’s men came to thank them for their victories and they congratulated Macbeth on being named thane of Cawdor. His predecessor had betrayed Scotland by fighting for the Norwegians and Duncan decided to have him executed. …show more content…

He, then writes to his wife, Lady Macbeth, to tell her what has happened. She wants Macbeth to kill King Duncan so that he could be king instead. After he arrives, she persuades him to kill King Duncan that very night. They planned to get two of Duncan’s chamberlains drunk until they pass out and blame the murder on them in the morning, as they will not remember anything that had happened the previous night. While King Duncan is asleep, Macbeth stabs him to death. When the chamberlains discover the body the next morning, Macbeth decides to kill both of them as well, in order to make it look like he was angry at the crime they had

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