Examples Of George Wilson's Death In The Great Gatsby

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F Scott. Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby portraits how the American Dream in the 1920's is twisted. People started to focus more on gaining money, high social statuses and , material goods. Even if it wasn't with good morals and working hard to achieve this fictional American Dream. Franklin's ideal dream was working hard to get to the top and not taking the lazy route of going into criminal business. The novel The Great Gatsby shows the death of The American Dream. Although it starts out seeming like it is achievable as it goes on it develops into the death of it. One of the most important characters to show the death of this fictional dream, is George Wilson. He starts out having happiness, a business to gain his wealth, a happy marriage and good morals. At the end however, it dies. Myrtle, his wife, is killed in a hit and run accident destroying the happiness. Page 138: "I became aware now of a hollow, wailing sound which as we got closer resolved itself into the words "Oh, my god!" Over and over in a gasping moan." Wilson is so …show more content…

Daisy appears to have it as she has money, a good husband, and is high class. But, we soon see Daisy lacks morals and happiness. She only married Tom because he could provide her with a life she wanted. He had money and could provide her with any materialistic thing she could ever want. But, she still is lacking happiness as she constantly wants more and can't focus and enjoy the now. She loses her happiness even more and becomes heartbroken when she learns the Gatsby she loved wasn't as good of a man as she thought he was. Page 134: "But with every word she was drawing further and further into herself, so he gave that up..." In this moment after learning the truth and with Gatsby trying to explain it away is too much for her to take. She grows more and more distant to Gatsby and soon demands to

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