Examples Of Greed In No Country For Old Men

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Is it possible to cheat death? If true, then death must lose its status as the great equalizer. If death cannot be cheated, then how strong is human will to stand against it? No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy, illustrates the relationship between human will and greed with death. Throughout the novel, the main character Llewelyn Moss runs from the force of death, yet eventually it catches up to him. Llewelyn’s situation may be related to the story of Bobby Leach. Leach was a daredevil, performing many stunts to cheat death. The most notable of his stunts being his trip down Niagara Falls. On July 25, 1911, Bobby climbed into a barrel and rode all the way down Niagara Falls. This is no little feat, as it is estimated that more than …show more content…

His choice to pursue the money and put his family at risk mirrors that of another character in modern literature, Gollum. Originally named smeagol, this character obtains a magic ring by killing his own brother, eventually his greed for the ring turns him into a twisted, wretched creature. This new creature earns the name gollum by the incredibly barbaric sound he makes when he clears his throat. Gollum’s greed for the ring becomes his fatal flaw, as when the ring is thrown in to a volcano to be destroyed, he jumps in after it. Aiming to recapture the ring Gollum dies in the flames (Tolkien). Gollums pursuit of the ring is an extreme case of greed, but it exemplifies greatly the relationship that Llewelyn holds with the money he finds. Greed also proves fatal for the antagonist in goldfinger, whose greed leads into his own death. Although the human will to live is strong, death triumphs in the end. This is the case with Final destination. Each character is cursed so that they know that they will die. They become so obsessed with avoiding death that they inadvertently die anyway. These flaws prevail in todays society, but anyone seldom recognizes it. As stated in the article, “America’s Disease is

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