Examples Of Greed In The Hobbit

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The Hobbit Why do people die for something they believe in? Because they are passionate. But why do people do the same for something they crave? We may never know, but in the Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, we can see some examples were greed takes a turn for the worse. Greed can happen over anything, and during Bilbo Baggins adventure with Thorin and company to reclaim the mountain from the mighty dragon Smaug, greed is very prominent. Greed causes aggression, violence, and death, which is demonstrated by the treasure under the mountain, characters who are overcome by their greed and desires, and the imprisonment of the company throughout their journey. When you love something, you never let it go and become protective of that item leading to …show more content…

Gollum has become transformed into a monster, all because of one, little ring. Gollum loves this ring more than his life, so much so that he constantly refers to it as his precious. Therefore, when he goes to retrieve the ring and he realizes it is gone, he becomes mortified, screaming at himself: “Lost it is, my precious, lost, lost! Curse us and crush us, my precious is lost! (Tolkien 106). At first, he blames himself for this loss, and he begins to punish himself accordingly, and since he values the ring more than his own life, it would not have ended well. He has been with the ring for so long that it has become a part of his soul, so in theory he is losing not just the ring, but a part of his own soul, which would cause many people to act rashly. But he comes to a conclusion, an idea that Bilbo took the ring, So, he tries to get it back, and Bilbo sees that “he means to murder him at any rate” (Tokien 107) over a single gold ring. His greed for the ring is so strong that he can’t bear another person having it, and acts very aggressively and violently in attempts to retrieve it. Another person who became possessive of an item

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