Examples Of How Jem Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Jem started off with an innocent mind, but after the Tom Robinson case Jem realizes what type of town he lives in.In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird from Harper Lee there is many examples of character that evolves like Jem. He started off ignorant of his town and by the end of the book he understood how racism is a big issue even in a court of law. Jem matured the most throughout the book, he started off with little acts of maturity like trying to be more like his father by reading books, and stop playing with his sister because he doesn't want to be childish. And ended up being so mature that he could comprehend Maycomb's disease that runs so deep it runs in the court of law. Firstly, Jem showed his first sign of maturity when he tells on Dill . Jem knew a missing runaway child is a big problem that an adult needs to know about so “Jem stands in a corner of the room, looking like the traitor he was. ‘Dill, I had to tell him,’ he said. ‘You …show more content…

Jem didn't like cruelty for no reason so when he saw Scout attempting to kill an insect he tells her “to embrace the insect world. ‘Why couldn't I mash him?’ [Scout] asked. ‘Because they don't bother you,’ Jem answered in the darkness. He had turned out his reading light. [Jem said].After seeing Mr.Ewell lie to the court saying Tom Robinson raped Mayella , Jem related Tom to the insect and Scout to Mr.Ewell. The insect is innocent and doesn't deserve such cruelty from Scout, just like Tom is innocent and doesn't deserve to be put through the things he's being put through by Mr.Ewell. As Jem starts to understand what's going on in the case and how people hurt other people for no reason he knew that hurting a defenceless animal that has done nothing to anyone is uncalled for. Jem shows maturity when he doesn’t allow the bug to be killed because he has learned to respect all living things no matter if is a human, plant, or

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