Examples Of Injustice In Martin Luther King

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Abigail McCranie
Cody Griebel
Final Paper
25, May 2023

Fighting against injustice and oppression accomplishes more in our society than some may realize. Oppression is shown in books, movies, and music and spoken against in different forms of protests. Injustice and oppression often shows itself in works of literature.
To kill a mockingbird was a literary text highlighting the unjust treatment of African Americans in the 1930’s. The book used fictional examples to publicize the inner workings of the justice system, including the racist layers. The unjust conviction of Tom Robinson guides the story. Atticus Finch displays what the American justice system should aspire to be, standing up for justice when the majority disagrees, and being non …show more content…

Martin Luther King Jr. Wrote and recited a speech fighting against segregation, which is a form of oppression. Martin Luther King extensively uses metaphors and figurative language in his speech. He fights oppression in his speeches, specifically in America, protesting and opposing racism. His use of metaphors such as “We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.” This analogy is used to compare the march on Washington, to a cashed check for rights promised to all men in the constitution. He refuses to believe that America cannot provide these rights to all men, in other words, believing that the bank of justice has gone bankrupt. King's speech was performed and broadcasted to thousands of Americans to oppose oppression. King’s speech also influenced people to fight for oppression in a peaceful manner. He was well known for his peaceful protests, and his speeches encouraging peace. His methods of peace not only were effective for his cause, but helped him gain support from many people who believed in nonviolent protests. His “I Have a Dream” Speech, he expressed to the people his visions for a peaceful future, using pathos to sway his audience. His speech was mainly to spread awareness towards the problems of injustice and segregation , and played a viable role in the civil rights …show more content…

When he broke free of his handicaps, he was breaking free from the government's oppressive system. He enjoyed his freedom before being shot soon afterwards by the government. Although his rebellion was unsuccessful, he inspired others to question the system and break free similarly to everyday life. Protests, speeches and literary texts all inspire people to fight for their rights, and to not follow something that is unjust regardless of the popular

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