Examples Of Insanity In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” In the story Animal Farm, Napoleon by Einstein’s definition would be insane. Orwell, the author of the book Animal Farm, believes that revolutions fail and that they only result in a change of tyrants. This is evident in the book between Mr. Jones and Napoleon. Napoleon reflects Orwell’s beliefs by becoming more and more like Jones throughout as he mistreated and neglected the animals, and altered the rules for his own benefit. The animals were mistreated by Mr. Jones when he was in charge but, they were also mistreated by Napoleon when he took charge. Mr Jones would whip the animals while he was drunk when he was in charge, likewise Napoleon was seen by the other animals in the house holding a whip while he was drunk (Orwell 38, 132). This shows that Mr. Jones and Napoleon were not much different, they both would mistreat the animals while they were drunk. The beliefs of Orwell that revolutions only result in a change of tyrants is demonstrated in the book by Mr Jones and Napoleon…show more content…
Jones and Napoleon. While Mr. Jones was drunk he would not feed the animals, likewise Napoleon would not feed the animals were well and the animals would go hungry (Orwell 38, 130). Mr. Jones and Napoleon showed that they both were neglectful to their animals in the sense that they didn't feed them. This also demonstrates how the relationship between these two characters proves that revolutions don't result in change and only in a change of
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