Examples Of Interpersonal Conflict In Breaking Bad

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Interpersonal conflict is a common occurrence in relationships, from close friends to family members. How conflict is handled can vary greatly by situation and relationship dynamic. This essay examines the interpersonal conflict experienced by the White family in the fictional TV drama Breaking Bad. First, I will describe the situation and the nature of the conflict. Next, I will discuss the communication messages present in the scene. Finally, I will suggest a remedy for the communication conflict. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with Stage 3A lung cancer. Initially, he responds to this news by isolating himself and not sharing this news with his family. For about a month, he told nobody. When Walter finally shared the news of his cancer with his family, everyone was upset by the news, but also that Walter hadn’t told them sooner. Skyler, Walter’s wife, questioned why Walter kept this a secret for so long, and Junior, Walter’s son, didn’t understand how his dad could act as if everything …show more content…

Junior used verbal abuse messaging when he called his dad a pussy. He uses this type of messaging to get through his point to Walter that he should not be afraid of treatment. Junior uses derogatory name calling as another way of saying “Man Up”. Skyler uses generalized complaining when she says his decision isn’t good for him or anyone else. This completely ignores one of his reasons for not getting treatment, such as to avoid leaving his family with a large amount of debt. In this regard, he is putting his family’s financial security over his personal health. The only confirming message comes from Marie, who uses endorsement when she remarks that Walter’s concerns are warranted and that he needs to make the decision for himself. She agrees the treatment can be hard on the body, and nobody wants to live their final moments in the

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