Examples Of Lies In The Great Gatsby

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Lies and Deceit Wrapped Up With a Pretty Bow

We are often infatuated with pretty things, whether we’re aware of it or not. The shiny new toy or person always manages to capture our attention. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald exposes the truth behind everything that seems to be pretty and perfect.

Fitzgerald teaches us this through the protagonist of the story, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby, who worked so hard to make himself worthy to Daisy and wanted her to love him so badly that he resorted to illegal bootlegging. Gatsby’s whole life revolved around Daisy, who didn’t love him enough in the end to stick with him and let him take the fall for her. His downfall was Daisy, whom he had devoted most of his life towards becoming worthy of her love and hand in marriage. His dedication towards her is evident time and time again. For example, he held the lavish parties in hopes of showing off his wealth to Daisy. In turn, proving that he is now worthy of her. However, when he sees that she isn’t enjoying herself at his party, he becomes upset. Nick noted that when Gatsby “came down the steps at last the tanned skin was drawn unusually tight on his face, and his eyes were bright and tired. ‘She didn’t like it,’ …show more content…

Daisy’s whole character is about self-preservation and doing things that would benefit her. She chooses men who give her the most attention and is the wealthiest. She can’t handle trouble and leaves when things get too complicated for her to deal with. However, I do believe that Daisy should’ve taken the blame. Although it would have had a significant impact on her social status from riding in a car with only Mr. Gatsby and killing a woman, her punishment would’ve significantly kinder. For starters, she would not have gotten killed, and neither would Gatsby. Also, because of her wealth, she would’ve been able to pay off whatever she was being charged

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