Examples Of Lies In The Great Gatsby

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Love and Wealth Through Lies Truth, Lies, and Storytelling In Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby The only thing worse than a liar is someone who believes that lies will give the perfect fulfillment for life. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby uses lies and deception to ultimately end the life of Gatsby. The Great Gatsby thoroughly connects truth, lies, and storytelling through the tales of James Gatz and his path throughout life and relationships. In his earlier years, Gatsby created stories about his upcoming wealth and continued to use those stories throughout life, basing all of his relationships on lies. In addition, Gatsby also faces lying to his loved ones when taking the blame for allegations that have been made against him. Gatsby’s childhood …show more content…

After an intense and emotional confrontation between Gatsby and Tom Buchanan over Daisy’s love, Daisy was in a rush to escape the chaotic argument that had occurred. Daisy drives Gatsby's car from New York trying to clear her head from the events, but unfortunately introduces a new plot line to the story by hitting her husband's mistress Myrtle with Gatsby’s car. As the death of Myrtle Wilson shocked everyone, George Wilson was determined to avenge Myrtle after being killed in a hit and run “By half-past two he was in West Egg, where he asked someone the way to Gatsby’s house. So by that time he knew Gatsby’s name” (Fitzgerald 160). They believed the car was to be driven by Gatsby since it was a bright yellow car known to be owned by him, which was not the truth at all. George had become relentless in finding answers and eventually received them from Tom Buchanan which was told to George in a menace and lying manner. George had been told that Gatsby was the one driving the car and was confronted face-to-face with death. Lies had traveled around eventually coming back to take Gatsby down. “It was after we started with Gatsby toward the house that the gardener saw Wilson’s body a little way off in the grass, and the holocaust was complete” (Fitzgerald 162). The murder of Gatsby and the suicide of Wilson were the final stories of the novel. They had both lost their loves, one in death, and one in

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