Examples Of Loss Of Faith In Night By Elie Wiesel

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“It isn't fair how I doubt him, and I wonder if he'll ever gather that my loss of faith extends further than I'd ever known it would, severing lines of trust and leveling my confidence like a city-flattening tornado.” This is the quotes which from Tammara, Webber. Have you imagined stay in a horrible environment like camp and got injure all most every day and Lord still being generous to those German who hurt them? As government started an act to kick out all Jew, no one believed what would happen to them next. The reason that people didn’t believe what Germen did was not so obvious, maybe because of the faith on God or because of the blind optimisms. But when those horrible things did happen, everyone began to lose their faith in God. Soon …show more content…

Eliezer was not able to keep his faith with lord it was hard for him to understand after Nazi had done bad afflicts to Judaism in the camp. “Compared to this afflicted crowd, proclaiming to your greatness mean, Lord of the universe, in the face of all this weakness, this decomposition, and this decay? Why do you still trouble their sick minds, their crippled bodies?” (Wiesel 63). Eliezer felt angry to compare the greatness and the weaknesses from God he cannot understand why God still blessed those Jewish sick mind and give them more chances. “Why, but why should I bless Him? In every fiber, I rebelled” (Wiesel 64). While the Jews are celebrating the Jewish holiday and shout loud “Blessed be the Name of the Eternal!” Eliezer still thought he has no reason to bless Him, he cannot find out a reason to persuade himself to follow and celebrate the Jewish holiday with other Jews. Eliezer cannot persuade himself as a follower of God, he feels pleasant to revolt to God. Eliezer lost his faith of Lord. When he first got beaten and no one helped him, it seemed that Germans got no punishment. When he cannot find out any reason to persuade himself, he lost his faith in the lord. He felt helpless and despair after he went through all the punishment from

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