Examples Of Love And Money In The Great Gatsby

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Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F Scotts Fitzgerald love and money motivates every character. They all had made decisions based on love and money, no matter the consequences, no matter if it was good or bad they still made those decisions through the love they had for someone and their desire for money.
Tom Buchanan 's love for daisy was pure and true throughout the book the great gatsby he even made some hard decisions all out the love possesed for her. A very critical part of the the novel was when tom 's wife had killed George Wilson 's wife Myrtle Wilson in a automotive accident. When George came to tom about what happened questioning him about who killed his wife, Tom could see that George was furious and would be willing to do anything to the person who killed his beloved wife. Knowing that Daisy is the true reason behind Myrtle 's death tom did not want to put her in harm 's way because she was his wife and person he wanted to spend his life with. Tom could not bare to go through what george was going through so he lied to protect his love, Daisy.
Love was not the only motivator for action, there was also money. Money was a motivator for action for many characters throughout this novel, but the person most driven by money was the Great Gatsby himself. James Gatsby, or Jay Gatz was not wealthy growing up like every other person he surrounded himself with. Ergo, he worked hard to be like everyone else and to just fit in with the people around him so he

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