Explain The Destruction Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Destruction of the American Dream The American Dream for many individuals, is a goal. Some achieve it, others result in failure. So what is the American Dream and why does it seem so appealing to the average person? The American Dream is the idea that anyone can work hard and achieve wealth and success in America. This is so inspiring and uplifting because most people want to better themselves, especially back in the 1920’s. This idea is portrayed as an important theme in the book, The Great Gatsby. The author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald reveals many characters in the book that strive for the American Dream. However, it’s controversial if they achieved the American Dream or failed. In The Great Gatsby, there are numerous …show more content…

The author explains that Gatsby did all in his effort to get better for Daisy, but ended up dying in the midst of it. The author depicts this by stating, “Furthermore, his success obviously doesn’t last – he still pines for Daisy and loses everything in his attempt to get her back” (Wulick). The author also brings in the idea of George and Myrtle Wilson trying to achieve the American Dream. It is mentioned that George wants a better life just as much as Myrtle does. However, Myrtle seeks a better life through Tom and having him buy her materials. He bought her a dog, and even expensive accessories for the dog. The author believes George’s escape to a better life, is through his business and work (Wulick). He wants to have people come to his shop so that he makes money, but he never really succeeded. In the article is goes on to note, “Both are disempowered due to the lack of money at their own disposal” (Wulick). This meaning that neither George or Myrtle have any status because they don’t have the most brilliant ideas of achieving the American Dream and escaping their own personal problems with

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