Examples Of Tom's Wealth In The Great Gatsby

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What is a man without his wealth? Some will say nothing, others will say something. Some argue that people who inherit their money would be nothing. An example of this is the Kardashians or Tom Buchanan. Tom inherited all his money from his family and hasn't made a dime of it. Instead of investing his time in work he invests it in the finer things in life, such as a big house, trips around the world, or playing the sport of gentlemen known as polo. In The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald Tom is one of the main characters. He is married to Daisy Buchanan and is a Yale man. In the novel Tom is has an affair with Myrtle Wilson. She is the wife of George B. Wilson who kills Jay Gatsby for suspecting that he killed and and an affair with his wife. Jay Gatsby was obsessed with Tom’s wife Daisy. Before Jay went to war and Tom met Daisy Jay and Daisy dated and intended on getting married. Sadly Jay was out of the country longer than expected and Daisy met and married Tom Buchanan. If Tom loses all of his money he will be nothing. Tom may have gone to a good college but he has no workplace experience and his polo career isn't going to be going anywhere due to his body size and his skill. It would also be hard for him to make the transition from having everything handed to him to earning it himself. Today The Great Gatsby has showed us that you can't relive the past, and that the …show more content…

He plays polo and isn’t even that good. He would be lost in the workplace environment and would have trouble trying to get a job and maintain it. He would also have a hard time finding friends. Due to him being arrogant and hypocritical most people would be drawn away from him. After being looked up at and praised for his family’s wealth for all his life he would have some troubles trying to mingle with the lower and middle class looking at them as his peers or maybe even

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