Examples Of Mass Hysteria In The Crucible

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Mass hysteria can make people do terrible things. In arthur miller’s the crucible tells the story of mass hysteria in Salem Massachusetts in 1692 where people were being hunting and killing innocent people being accused of being something there not.www.history.com Miller uses this story to tell people that the Rewww.history.comd Scare during the 1950’s is the same mass hysteria as the salem witch trials.Miller was accused of being a communist just like people being accused of witchcraft during the salem witch trials.www.history.com
The salem witch trials started in the spring in 1692. The Salem witch trials was started by a 9 year old name betty parris and a 11 year old named Abigail williams.www.history.com A doctor by the name of William …show more content…

The first person accused of witchcraft was sent to the general court and was convicted and hanged. After people who were accused found out what was happening some people confessed that they were

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witches so they could save themselves.www.history.com The first innocent person that confessed was Tituba so the could live. More than 150 people were accused over the next several months.
After 250 years the court formally apologized to the families and gave them money for their loss. www.history.com
Another mass hysteria event happened 248 years later in germany called the holocaust.
The holocaust was started by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party who controlled germany.www.history.com This mass hysteria event started on February 24, 1920 and was the worst event in human history killing millions of people.historyplex.com The holocaust killed
Jews, the disabled, homosexual, etc.historyplex.com The Nazi party told the german people

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