What Were The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

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In the winter of 1692,trouble began in the village of Salem in The Massachusetts Bay Colony.

According to my research it explains,it started with nine year old Betty Parris started acting weird. She would hide under chairs,flap her arms and jerk around. She would also blabble saying words no one could understand. Sometimes she would even have screaming outburst. In my research I learned her family belonged to the Puritan church,Puritan is the name given to a certain kind of Christian in the early 1600s,infact her father was the Salem Witch minister. Her family didn't know what was wrong with her, however, whatever it was it was spreading.Betty’s cousin, eleven year old Abigail William, started to act the same way.

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As I was conducting my research I found some interesting information. If you just confess that you are a witch you got better treatment. For example,in What Were the Salem Witch Trials by Joan Holub,it says “Some suspects families begged them to confess.It seemed the smart thing to do” (Holub,54)

There were many superstitions in Salem. People believed in magic,both good and bad. They were extremely afraid of magic and thought that witches were the ones to blame. They belived witches enjoyed causing trouble.In What Were the Salem Witch Trials by Joan Holub, it says “Many New Englanders believed that witches had spirits inside them they controlled.These spirits were called specters. They were invisible to most people and could fly. A witch could send her specter long distances to harm others”(Holub,18).

The Salem Witch Trials affected their community in multiple ways. The Salem Witch Trials were a scary time for the community. For example,each accusation forced individuals to accuse others in order to save themselves, which led to more accusations and so on. This casued many friendships in the community to be destroyed.It divided the people of Salem against each other. In What Were the Salem Witch Trials? It says “They pointed fingers at one another and cried “Witch!”

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