Salem Witch Trials In 1692 Essay

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This essay will be describing what events that leads up to the brewing of the events that occurred in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. Also, contemplates the role that superstition, religion, and politics played in the event. Along with the role that gender played in instigating and shaping the event. It is a story of inhumanity and greed. The primary event that lead up to the execution of innocent woman and children is when Reverend Parris moved to Salem with his wife, daughter, niece, and two slaves. Abigail essentially started the whole witch hysteria because she tormented her cousin Elizabeth played a game with Tituba. Tituba is a slave owned by Reverend Parris, who would do all sorts of readings on Abigail. Eventually Abigail was able …show more content…

One key factor that played a big role was politics. Politics is what brought Reverend Parris to Salem even though many people in the cabinet voted for him not to move to Salem. They knew that Reverend Parris would use them to get the things he wanted. Another component was superstition because many people are gullible. The people of Massachusetts Salem believed the act that the kids were pulling just because they had the reverend to back up their story. So the people started to believe that every person that they accused of witchcraft was truly a witch just because of the act they girls were pulling. Lastly religion had to do with everything that went down during the witch hysteria. When, the woman accused of practicing witchcraft were trialed the Reverend made the townspeople conclude that the woman who were accused of witchcraft gave up their soul to the devil. Even though the accused put up a fight there was no way of winning unless you stated you’re a witch, but the woman did not want to confess to false accusations fearing that if they did their soul would truly belong to the devil. The Reverend was aware of what was going on the whole time, the only reason he didn’t want to mention anything was the dread of losing his job, that also goes with the town doctor. Considering they didn’t want to lose their job and reputation they watched as innocent people were hung. Their primary goal was to use indefensible claims against people in order to impress the need of religious

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