Examples Of Materialism In The Great Gatsby

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America is viewed as a land of dreams and opportunities. Gatsby, this man, used to describe his ambition as a “Green light”, it represented his desire for whatever thing he wanted, this being fame, money, great power, and love as well. Many think that coming to America and making yourself somebody is the key to success, but to what extent can one go to achieve this is the real question. Gatsby is a great example of this. A poor young man with a broken heart wanted to make himself somebody to win over the love of his life once again. A former mid-western who moved east in order to win Daisy Buchanan back. Love can move mountains, and it indeed moved Gatby’s heart hard enough to make him commit to his purpose a hundred percent, life and soul included. “I thought of Gatsby’s wonder when he first …show more content…

(Fitzgerald)” This was definitely not a life everybody could afford though. Not many could afford dreams, just like the people in the valley of ashes. This ambition of his was expensive, and regular Americans would never have these crazy ideas of a land of dreams since they lived in reality, unlike Gatsby. Materialism was one of Gatsby’s and Daisy’s traits. They thought having a lot was having it all, and they would do anything to achieve this. Gatsby’s purpose in life was not only Daisy but material things too. Houses, cars, and the most expensive clothing and accessories as well. This was something regular people could only imagine and daydream about since dreaming was expensive as well. In the 1920s, society did not look pretty good for low-ranked people, who probably had to work most days of the week to barely survive. The valley of ashes was the poorest place in America at

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