Examples Of Mcmurphy In Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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McMurphy is a man who comes to the ward, destined to change it forever, and to restore the power taken from the patients by Nurse Ratchet. [1] His actions and motives during the text to follow what he has set out to do, follow a liking to another anti-hero who plans to change the course of someone else’s life, through his own actions. Ferris Bueller – the main character in the popular 1986 film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – like most anti-heroes, has a bad side, [2] which in his case is easily forgiven as his enemies are considered ageist and worse than him. The same can be said for McMurphy when he acts out against Nurse Ratchet and the staff on the ward, because although McMurphy is flawed and has continuous bad behaviour, these people are seen as worse than him so his actions are forgiven easier than theirs. Both McMurphy and Bueller are very likeable characters, who are confident in their actions, and use charm – to some degree – to get what they want. Like McMurphy, Bueller uses his actions in the film to help alter his friend Cameron’s life for the better, closer the end of the film after the disaster of ruining Cameron’s dad’s car, Bueller’s girlfriend accuses him if he’d planned it all along, he denies it, [2] but judging by his actions throughout the film, the plan was always to help Cameron, and he did.
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