Examples Of Mental Illness In Macbeth

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A variety of experiences and aspects of life such as a personal motive or guilt can significantly influence one 's ability to withhold their mental stability. Mental illness is a common subject within our culture and often found in our literature throughout history. A widely recognized example of a characters deterioration in their mental health is found in the famous William Shakespeare’s,“Macbeth”. The story tells of the once-trusted protagonist Macbeth whose thirst for power leads to immense consequences in his mental health. At the start of the play Macbeth is presented as a heroic,loyal servant to the King of Scotland, Duncan. Although Macbeth was greatly respected and withheld a significant position by the king, he harbored a hidden lust for power. As result of Macbeth 's hallucinations, unchecked ambition, and his trust in the three witches his health descended into turmoil towards the final scenes of the play The play begins with the introduction of the three witches who are a key role in the outcome of …show more content…

But no more sights!—Where are these gentlemen? Come, bring me where they are(4.1.155-163)”, showed Macbeth 's mental health had officially diminished. By not only his hallucinations, however, his consistent mindset in removing anyone who stood in his of his ambition. Other scenes such as, Macbeth going into the battle with Macduff without his armor as result of him believing himself to be somewhat, “godly”, and the belief that could not be defeated are other examples of how his greed and ambition lead to his death in his mental stability. Overall, Macbeth was truly a tragic hero whose gradual growth in greed for power resulted in not only losing loved ones and his consciousness yet also resulting in his death.Greed and Ambition is a vital theme that notably influenced Macbeth’s mental deterioration. By following with a heart filled with avarice he is lead awry, which consequently sparked his destruction, defeat and left him bathing in

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