Examples Of Miss Caroline's Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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After Scout’s observation of Miss Caroline’s reaction to Walter Cunningham’s attitude, Scout realizes she can’t judge a person’s actions without being in their position. During school, Scout explains to Miss Caroline that Walter couldn’t pay her back, as the Cunninghams “never took anything they can’t pay back,” but was met with a hard lecture (26). Miss Caroline’s innocence shines through and meets reality of the Maycomb people with denial. Moving from northern Alabama, she’s unadjusted to Maycomb life and its people. Initially confused about Miss Caroline’s ways, Atticus explains to Scout Miss Caroline learned something about the town, and to “not expect her to learn all Maycomb’s ways in one day” (40). She made decisions that surprised the children, as they never seen such choices. Being from an unfamiliar town influenced her actions, as she thought the children would be similar to the ones from her old town. As she learned about Miss Caroline’s small world, Scout was about to learn about her small world also. …show more content…

When Scout visits her after the fire, she’s surprised Miss Maudie wasn’t sulking, as if she “‘hated that old cow barn’” (97). In Miss Maudie’s eyes, she doesn’t see losing her house as a big deal. Instead of being weighed down by her loss, Miss Maudie makes light of the incident. She continues to tell Scout about her ‘upcoming’ garden, and it was going to be the best through “‘ways [she] doesn’t know about’” (97). Losing her home wasn’t a misfortune; it was more of the closing of a chapter in her life. Miss Maudie’s excited to start anew and begin a new chapter in her life. With her interactions with Miss Maudie, Scout would find that positivity will be one of the things that would keep her afloat later

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