Examples Of Outcasts In Of Mice And Men

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It must feel horrible to be an outcast, especially when you do not understand that you are one. In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Candy’s dog is an outcast to the men in the bunk house. The dog has multiple conditions which make it unwanted and unaccepted. Though Candy’s dog is not human it is still considered an outcast because it is old, smelly and suffering. The dog of Candy’s is an outcast due to its age. “That dog of Candy’s is so God damn old he can’t hardly walk.” (Steinbeck 36). Candy’s dog is treated negatively because he is old and for this reason he is an outcast. Other conditions arise due to the age of the dog, which the men do not accept. For example, because he is so old, he cannot walk and is no use to Candy anymore. Carlson wants to kill the dog because of his age which proves that he really is an outcast. If the dog was not so old no other conditions would arise causing the men to dislike the dog and treat him unfairly.…show more content…
“Stinks like hell, too. Ever’ time he comes into the bunk house I can smell him for two, three days.” (Steinbeck 36). The men in the bunk house do not like the scent of Candy’s dog. It is mentioned that the smell of him keeps them awake at night and unable to sleep. Candy states and apologizes that he does not smell the dog because he is probably just used to the smell. Carlson does not want to deal with the smell of the dog any longer therefore he wants Candy to shoot his dog. The dog is out casted for smelling too much which he cannot
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