Of Mice And Men Lonliness Quotes

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Who knew something as simple as a mouse in a novel could lead readers to gathering the author's main purpose of the entire work? Mice in "Of Mice and Men" allow readers to futher understand characters' struggles in achieving their own American Dream. In John Steinbeck's, "Of Mice and Men," companions, Lennie and George, attempt to move closer to their American Dream as they work from farm to farm in order to one day own land for themselves. However, Lennie, the troublemaker, continues to force them to run away from each farm because of his accidental violent actions towards other individuals on the farms. By the end of the novel, George and Lennie's hope of owning their own land becomes unachievable because of Lennie's mistakes and the chaotic situations that he has caused. Steinbeck utilizes mice, puppies, Candy's dog, and Crooks as symbols in the novel to enhance the themes of false hopes and lonliness. First, the author …show more content…

Steinbeck utilizes his theme of lonliness to enhance the idea that so many individuals feel as though they do not belong for their own seperate reasons. In the story, Candy's dog is old, raggy, and worn out. Characters all feel as though the dog should be killed, because they do not want to have to deal with it around them. The dog is useless, and too old to perform any tasks to benefit the farm. Numerous individuals feel as though others make them feel like they are useless, and worth nothing. Candy's dog eventually gets shot for no reason, other than the fact that the others do not like him. The dog was hated by the other men living on the farm. The sense of feeling that others do not like you is one of the main contributes to lonliness in the world today. Steinbeck attempts to allow readers to recognize this, and change their actions and words towards others to prevent this lonely state in

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